The Baker family lived and worked, for many generations, in Ebernoe and the surrounding areas.

Ebernoe is a remote Sussex village just a few miles north of Petworth, England. It is tucked away in wooded countryside with a sprinkling of houses, a modest church and a cricket pitch.


At this stage the Baker Family tree has been traced back to c1695.


The Baker Family still continue to have ties with Ebernoe even though they no longer live there.

Every year on July 25, St James' Day, the Ebernoe Horn Fair is held. Dating back to the mists of time it has its origins, some say, as a pagan fertility rite; or possibly there are late medieval connections with cuckolds, humiliated husbands being required to parade in public as objects of derision while wearing ram's horns.

The Ebernoe Horn Fair is held in the village by the cricket ground. Every year there is a cricket match and sheep roast. The winning team is presented with the horns. There is also a fun fair in the evening. Family members continue to attend the fair every year usually arriving from 12 noon onwards.


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